"Universally what is important to me

is that there is 'grace' and 'gentleness'

in anything I write or sing."


Jennifer Saran Releases a New Video Urging People to

“Wake Up: Earth Day is Every Day!”

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jennifer Saran joins legendary producer-songwriter Narada Michael Walden,

Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Carlos Santana to deliver a powerful Earth Day message

Internationally acclaimed pop/contemporary jazz singer-songwriter Jennifer Saran is celebrating Earth Day 2021 with a focus on high-tech innovations that are dramatically battling food insecurity and reducing carbon footprints. And she’s doing it with a song and a challenging new music video, “Wake Up: Earth Day is Every Day!” 

“As we all face the reality of rapid climate change together, we need to wake up to the fact that conventional farming techniques cannot meet the needs of our changing world,” Saran explains. “The destruction of arable land and the proven toxic chemicals used by commercial agriculture are ineffective and unsafe. It’s time we all awaken to a better way, and that includes local, sustainable tech-friendly farming.”

The message is delivered as a rousing and uplifting anthem propelled by Carlos Santana’s searing guitar solos, backed by the iconic South African choral harmonies of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and co-written and produced by Grammy-winning hitmaker, Narada Michael Walden. 

“These are serious challenges, especially important during Earth Day,” says Saran, who is quick to point out that one day of awareness isn’t enough. “April is Earth Month, but there are solutions we all need to focus on all the time. It’s the only way we can tackle the problem and turn it into a solution. With a little education and understanding, we can all do our part to improve things in a positive way.”







“It’s been a real pleasure writing songs with her,
as it is to now to duet with her."

– Narada Michael Walden


Jennifer Saran is a North American alt-pop/adult contemporary artist, songwriter, and vocalist, based in Hong Kong. Her original songs, and conscious messages resonate with fans and media alike.

Jennifer often collaborates with Grammy and Emmy-winning producer, drummer, and singer/songwriter Narada Michael Walden

Although jazz was a part of this singer’s DNA from the beginning of her career, Ms Saran’s creative partner Narada Michael Walden has been steadily steering her towards the sophisticated genre…


(They) demonstrate not only an immense depth to both writing and delivery but also a different dimension to arrangements, with ivories and woodwind shaping a living, breathing space where the artist’s voice is expansive, yet intimate, to wrap around the listener’s very psyche, let alone ears.


Elegant and elegiac, it’s very natural – there’s no pretentiousness in sight, and this sincerity turns Saran into a chanteuse.  (Saran is) someone who can lead you into the darkness to explore romantic promises… the vocals run the solemn gamut from celestial heights to husky lows and back again, landing eventually on cathartic afterglow. 


— Dmitry M. Epstein, Let It Rock

The initial thing that struck me, other than the quality of the backing and production, was the excellence of her voice. Her own personal instrument allows her to sing almost any genre of music with a superiority that is difficult to achieve across all musical styles. Silky smooth, sultry at times but above all, pure quality.


There is a sublime honeyed smoothness, as Jennifer takes the listener on a journey of style and musical exploration. Her voice never wavers from its intended path and the backing band must be congratulated on the excellence of their support. This balance of voice and backing is about as perfect as you will hear.


— Rory Stanbridge

An epitome of the album’s spirit, opener “Christmas Lover” – that marries Saran’s deliberately wintry, transparent vocals to THE TEMPTATIONS’ eggnog-thick voices – is where contemporary grooves feed into communal tradition, while the “baby, baby” of the title track links Jennifer’s soft seasonal wonderment to the spirit of Smokey’s Miracles.


Playful and elegant at the same time.


— Dmitry M. Epstein, Let It Rock

To Jennifer Saran, the inequality of the impoverished is a subject in dire need of attention and amends.


Hence. her collaboration with South African, Grammy-winning male choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Grammy legend Carlos Santana (Featured Guitarist) to create the vibrantly inspiring call to “Wake Up” — a “feel good” appeal for the world to recognize that happiness is a privilege, and a privilege can only be felt when shared. 


— Diandra Reviews It All



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